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Live Streaming

Live streaming has become one of the most popular enterprise video use cases. In our next webinar, we explain why and how to use it in conjunction with conferencing tools to exponentially extend your next broadcast. 

Advanced Video Subtitles & AI

movingimage is proud to introduce its new advanced subtitles feature! Watch our new webinar, where we delve into video captioning techniques, benefits of using subtitles in videos, and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) speeds up and enhances the captioning process. 

The Power of Video Communication

Enterprise video is the ultimate communication booster. Watch our joint Styla-movingimage webinar and learn how to harness the power of video to optimize both your internal and your external communication flows.

movingimage Citrix environments webinar

Video in Citrix Environments

Video delivery in Citrix environments has always been a challenging task. Thanks to movingimage’s innovative initiative, this is no longer the case. In the following joint webinar we will introduce the perfect enterprise video solution for Citrix Virtual Apps and Virtual Desktops.

movingimage AI and video

AI in Enterprise Video

Artificial intelligence has a profound impact on the future of the digital business world. When it comes to enterprise video, it will affect a variety of business processes through automatic speech, face and object recognition, and automatic translation of video content. Watch our webinar to learn more about it!

The movingimage SharePoint Plugin

The Microsoft SharePoint Connector enables you to seamlessly integrate, manage, share, and stream videos from within SharePoint sites, Wikis and discussions. Watch our webinar to learn more about this brilliant plugin and how it can help you form a digital workplace.

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Always wanted your own YouTube-like enterprise video portal? It’s never been easier to create your own CorporateTube. Access video content via one single and simple point of entry. Secure, and keeping private material private where and when required.

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Videofy Microsoft 365 Apps

Since most companies rely on Microsoft’s applications for internal communication, video-enabling them is vital to creating a digital workplace. Watch our webinar, where we review how and to which extent Microsoft’s applications support video delivery.

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How Video is Revolutionizing the Modern Workplace

Learn how the movingimage Secure Enterprise Video Platform can solve your toughest video challenges – from IT bottlenecks to usability – and help you reshape your company’s communication culture.

Incorporate Secure Video into Microsoft Office

Learn how our groundbreaking Outlook & PowerPoint video integrations can reshape your digital workplace, supporting fast, secure, cost-effective communication with a personal edge.

movingimage digital workplace

Intranet Video Trends

How Internal Video Will Revolutionize the Modern Workplace.  Explore five cutting-edge internal video use cases that will turn modern business communication on its head by 2020 – from improved collaboration and executive communication to driving innovation.

movingimage webinar: video livestreaming on the intranet

Video-Livestreaming on the Intranet

We’ll show you how to create a cost effective and easy-to-implement video distribution network for live streaming regardless of location or network strength using peer-to-peer video distribution.

movingimage webinar: How to solve video integration pains with movingimage

Solve Your Video Integration Challenges

In this webinar we’ll outline how the movingimage secure EVP solution can support your company in troubleshooting current and potential technical hurdles, while driving digital transformation.

movingimage webinar: social intranet

Master Live Streaming on the Intranet

Discover how to get the most from video in the social intranet, implement user generated video content and combine social software solutions with an enterprise video asset management platform.

movingimage webinar: eLearning with video

Boost eLearning with Video

Reach more employees, anywhere, anytime and on any device with informative and interactive eLearning. Learn how to implement interactive video features from chapters to live Q&A sessions.

movingimage webinar: DAM meets video management

DAM meets EVP

Explore how the movingimage CELUM Connector fuses the Enterprise Video Plaform and Digital Asset Management to automate and accelerate your communication, marketing and sales processes.