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Enterprise YouTube

The movingimage Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) videofies all applications within the digital workplace.

Top Corporate Use Cases:

  • Town Hall Meetings
  • CorporateTube
  • Social Intranet
  • Corporate Learning
Town Hall Meetings
Enjoy a smooth, secure video streaming experience with an enterprise-grade video solution that ensures your IT department maintains its peace of mind.
Easily create your own YouTube video platform for corporate use. The CorporateTube enables employees to access an entire video content management platform through one single point of entry.
Social Intranet
Allow your employees to connect and communicate via video in confidence. Securely share and stream video on social intranet platforms like Jive and Sharepoint without bringing down the network.
Corporate Learning
Use live, on-demand eLearning videos to save your business time and operational costs, as well as extend the reach of HR through onboarding and ongoing training.

We Protect Your Videos.
Here's How:

Data protection compliance according to the EU-GDPR ISO 27001
Certified Data Centers
ISO 27001 certified data centers (high-security standard from the Federal Office for Security and Information Technology)
Data Processing Agreements (DPA)
Data Processing Agreements (DPA) and EU-Standard Contractual Clauses with subcontractors (e.g., Microsoft, Akamai)
Extensive Security Options
Extensive security options such as SSL encryption, Geo-blocking, and token authentication

Video Management Made Easy

movingimage makes it easy to store and manage your entire video portfolio – internal and web – with easy-to-use software solutions that comply with the strictest security and privacy requirements.
  • Breakneck-Speed HTML5 Video Player

    Our HTML5 player provides you with a new level of video experience: It boasts faster loading time, higher resolution, and lower CPU usage during playback. It also has a flash fallback and is compatible with any desktop or mobile device.
  • Powerful API

    Our open REST API allows you to integrate the movingimage video platform into your technology landscape. Use it to adapt or add features, upload and manage video media or link channels to keywords and metadata.
  • Automated Transcoding

    Our automated transcoding service allows not only high-quality streaming but also quick uploading and conversion to standard or special formats. Our player then uses these formats for adaptive bitrate streaming.
  • Subtitles Feature

    Our subtitles feature allows you to add subtitles and captions to any of your videos. Use it via our easy-to-use VideoManger Pro to unlock new, international audiences and increase your overall engagement rates worldwide!
  • Scalable Delivery Options

    Our delivery options draw on massively scalable live or on-demand systems that can deliver your videos to any device, anywhere in the world while providing safe and reliable redundant hosting. Streaming media has never been this easy!
  • Video Campaigns Analytics

    Our user-friendly analytics tool monitors the success rate of your video campaigns at a glance. Use it to rank videos by performance, monitor trends, find out what devices and OSs viewers are using, and more.

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