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One centralized video solution for your entire enterprise communication.
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Live & On-Demand
Enterprise Video Platform

Powerful and easy-to-use video platform for all corporate use cases, live and on-demand. Highly-recommended!
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Our evaluation showed that movingimage secure EVP is the best product on the global market.
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The only enterprise video platform that meets our internal and external video requirements and security standards.
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We Protect Your Videos. Here's How:

Data protection compliance according to the EU-GDPR ISO 27001
Certified Data Centers
ISO 27001 certified data centers (high-security standard from the Federal Office for Security and Information Technology)
Data Processing Agreements (DPA)
Data Processing Agreements (DPA) and EU-Standard Contractual Clauses with subcontractors (e.g., Microsoft, Akamai)
Extensive Security
A variety of security measures, including SSL encryption, Geo-blocking, and token authentication

Video Management Made Easy

movingimage helps you store and manage your entire video portfolio–internal and web–with its easy-to-use software solutions that comply with the strictest security and privacy requirements.

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    Breakneck-Speed HTML5 Video Player

    Being device-agnostic, our HTML5 player is designed to work across all systems and devices. It boasts fast loading time, high resolution, low CPU usage during playback, and Flash fallback.
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    Powerful API

    Our REST API allows you to integrate movingimage video platform into your technology landscape. Use it to upload and administer video media, manage metadata and channels, etc.
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    Automated Transcoding

    Our automated transcoding offers high-quality streaming coupled with quick uploading & conversion to standard or special formats that are used by the player for adaptive bitrate streaming.
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    Subtitles Feature

    Our subtitles feature helps you add subtitles & closed captions to your videos, allowing you to extend your reach to new, international audiences and bolster your video engagement.
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    Scalable Delivery Options

    Our delivery options draw on massively scalable systems that can deliver your live or on-demand videos to any device, anywhere in the world while providing safe and reliable redundant hosting.
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    Video Campaigns Analytics

    Our user-friendly analytics monitors the success rate of your video campaigns at a glance. Use it to rank videos by performance, monitor trends, and track device distribution, among other metrics.

movingimage AI Video Features

AI and video is a powerful combination that allows users to automate a host of video workflows, from adding subtitles to editing, to video description. As an innovative video enterprise, movingimage stands at the forefront of AI-video with its comprehensive offering.

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