movingimage CorporateTube is a secure, web-based video portal for company employees. Use it to create, watch, share, and rate corporate video content on any device or web browser. The portal boasts fast uploads, high-quality conversion, and exceptional security standards. Click on the link below to download the CorporateTube flyer.

Creating your enterprise video portal has never been easier! Watch our CorporateTube webinar and learn how to integrate video into external systems, ways to secure your enterprise video content, and how to use the product to drive a host of corporate communications.

CorporateTube is a revolutionary video solution which boasts video workflows to match, including a mobile application, metadata, subtitles, and adaptive bitrate streaming, to name just a few. These workflows are powered by the most advanced backend engine on the market and are designed to provide you with a seamless, enjoyable video experience.

Add an interactive dimension to your corporate video communications. Use a variety of interactive video features such as rating, comment, and share to connect with your viewers, engage them, and foster a culture of transparency and team collaboration.