Video for Support and Maintenance

Incorporate detail-rich video into your support and maintenance workflows and watch resolution time drop and satisfaction rate skyrocket.
Video Customer Support
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    Speed-up insurance claim processing

    Expedite the handling and processing of insurance claims through video footage.
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    Reinvent health care services

    Deliver immediate, remote, and personal video-powered medical care.
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    Simplify troubleshooting

    Unlock video documentation to work through any challenging repair.
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    Illustrate vehicle operations

    Provide visual and auditory guidance via video documentation
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    Elevate customer support experience

    Enrich user experience with support-oriented video content.
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    Cut resolution time

    Harness how-to videos & video tutorials for effective problem-solving.
Video for maintenance

Free White Paper: Video for Maintenance

Download our white paper and learn how your business can leverage video documentation to bolster business communication, increase customer satisfaction, and ultimately realize a video-powered customer journey.
Video for support

Video for Support Webinar

Why should you incorporate video into your customer support workflow? How to integrate video into existing service processes and systems? And where does AI come into play? Watch our on-demand webinar and find out!

Why movingimage for Support and Maintenance

67% Less Troubleshooting
Reduce troubleshooting time by as much as 67%.
5X Less Time for Claim Settlement
Settle claims in only a few hours. vs. a few days.
20X Less Documentation Time
"Substantially reduce documentation time.
94% Satisfaction Rates
Enhance customer satisfaction to about 94%.