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Product News & Updates

Virtual Events – Improved Polls, Improved Agenda, Registration Form Embeds, Branding, Redirection, Celebration & Technical Check Page

Improved Polls

We have updated the poll options on the Virtual Events platform! From now on you can:

  • Play out your surveys only to specific participants, for example, those who are in a specific breakout room or assigned a specific day (e.g. location).
  • Create surveys with multiple choice answers
  • Display the results of your surveys in different ways, for example in a pie chart

Improved Agenda

From now on, you have more flexibility in setting your event agenda. You can color-code the different slots and even change the order independently from the timeline through drag and drop, for example to highlight a specific presentation.

Embed Registration Form

We want to make the registration process for your events hosted on our Virtual Events platform as easy as possible. For this reason, the registration form can now be embedded via iframe – for example directly on your website. The “Access Control” will take you to the “RSVP” area, where you can access the feature under “Embed Registration Form”. By the way: You can also customize the registration form to fit e CI of your company or event.

Branding of the event login page

We are expanding the branding possibilities on our Virtual Events platform! Now also the event login page can be customized to fit the CI of your company or event. The system automatically uses the colors you have selected in your set-up.

Automatic redirection after event end

From now on, you can automatically redirect your participants from our Virtual Events platform to a landing page of your choice after the event has ended, for example to a survey or to a page with further information. You can easily add the desired URL in the “Configuration” section under “Post Event Redirect.”

Celebration emoji

Our goal is to make our Virtual Events platform as interactive as possible. In doing so, we noticed that we were missing an important emoji to celebrate successful moments. That’s why we would like to present to you our new celebraion emoji! Celebrate together with your participants by activating the reactions for your virtual events under “Configuration.”

Technical Check Page & Recordings

We have set up a Technical Check Page on our Virtual Events platform. It is also included in the help section of the event and helps the attendees, speakers and hosts to ensure that all settings are correctly set. There is also news on the subject of recordings: they are now no longer available for only 24 hours, but for a whole year.

CorporateTube: Sort by relevance & share your search results

Sort by relevance

There is a new feature for the seach function in our CorporateTube. From now on, the search results are sorted from the most relevant content to the least relevant content as default. With that improvement we can provide you with a optimized search resolution to get better and faster results.

Share your search results

If you type in a term in the search bar of your CorporateTube and confirm, it will also appear in the URL. That way you can copy the URL and share your search parameters easily with others.

VideoManager Pro: Integration of our new Video Player

The new movingimage Video Player combines our high-quality technology with a new, modern and intuitive design and will be gradually integrated into all of our products. You can now try it out in the VideoManager Pro in the areas of thumbnail generation, subtitle adding and trimming.

You can find more information here.

Webcast: Full HD video quality, Floor Language & Autoplay Feature

Full HD video quality

The movingimage Webcast now offers you a better livestreaming experience. From now on your audience can watch your streams in 1080p Full HD video quality! The high resolution is super useful when casting the presenter and presented slides simultaneously or casting only the presenting slides through screen sharing.

Floor Language

The feature “Floor Language” describes a new option that can be set by the host in the Webcast Manager and is especially useful when different languages are spoken at an event. It allows the viewers to listen to the speakers in the various original languages instead of using the voiceover provided by the host in one language.


From now on the Autoplay Feature is available for most browsers. The stream now starts automatically on the target page of your viewers when you change the status of your webcast to LIVE. Viewers only have to activate the sound manually.

LiveStream Pro: Next generation Webcast Tool

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