Sustainable Video Communication

Reduce emissions and lower operating costs in your organization with a sustainable enterprise video solution.

Reduce Travel Emissions

International companies, remote teams and global customers benefit from modern video solutions and new, innovative communication channels. With livestreaming for town hall meetings, conferences or product launches, every saved travel kilometer pays off.

Sustainable video platform for corporate social responsibility campaigns

Inspire Change

Showcase your CSR initiatives to your customers, shareholders and colleagues. Your own sustainable video platform highlights your message and ensures that the good you do gets the attention it deserves.

sustainable video communication tools

Enable Sustainable Business Models

All types of companies are now turning to video to reach customers and shareholders more efficiently, whether it’s with virtual showrooms, video messaging or centralized information hubs.

Proven Benefits

Increase the impact of your CSR initiatives with sustainable solutions.
Videos increase transparency towards all stakeholders.
Improve your image with a high-reach medium.
Inspire and motivate your employees.