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We know what HR wants

We set our productions apart from the regular recruitment videos everyone has seen. Attention-grabbing and bold, we differentiate your company from the competition. We develop and produce films that really resonate with your applicants. But don’t take our word for it, our customers can tell you themselves!

Tips you should pay attention to

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    Hitting the right nerve!

    What moves my applicants? While the baby boomers strive for a fast career, Generation Y wants to be able to work together on the same wavelength. Motivations and needs are different, so our preliminary analysis helps us understand how to attract the best candidates.
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    Find ONE message!

    Family-friendly flexitime, "every day is different" and organic food can also do the others, right? To stand out, a real difference to other companies should be found and packaged in a message. Around this core message, we build you a story for the recruitment video - without clichés and as individual as possible.
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    Entertain your applicants!

    Be bold! Surprise your applicants with something new that they have never seen or heard before, and differentiate yourself from the competition. The role models among film productions are viral commercials, whose stories trigger strong emotions and are thus strongly anchored in the memory. We focus above all on humor!

Top example Trusted Shops

For Trusted Shops, we produced a recruitment video that has become a classic in this genre – and is actually a trailer. The use of editing, music and intertitles are based on well-known cinema trailer patterns. The people behind the logo seem spontaneous, humorous and driven. But above all, you want to see more of them.

Maritim Hotels:
Trainees in action!

We have the training at Maritim Hotels look like a fast-paced event: no talking heads but an energetic sequence of strong images, gags and truths about Maritim. The whole thing is carried by a bold voice over and wild punk pop. On its social media channels, the video is one of Maritim Hotels’ most successful.

Alba: Dark humor and carpool karaoke

This recruitment video accompanies typical and original ALBA drivers on their tours through the urban jungle. To capture the free driving experience on film, daring multi-perspectives and crazy montage sequences were used. The climax of the film production is a singing finale in the driver’s cab!