Why You Shouldn’t Use YouTube for Enterprise Videos

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With 3 billion searches per month, YouTube has become the second-largest search engine after Google. Yet, it is far from being an ideal platform for business use. In the following blog post, we name a few reasons why businesses should reconsider hosting their business videos on YouTube and feature the alternative—CorporateTube—everything you’d expect from YouTube and more, plus an enterprise-focus.

Have you ever asked yourself, “can’t I just upload my company videos to YouTube?” After all, it offers free hosting and makes it easy to share videos with others. However, and on the flip side, YouTube has some pitfalls that are important to be aware of. Here are a few of the main ones:  

Privacy and Security

One of YouTube’s most considerable drawbacks has to do with its security and privacy settings. The platform is public by default and, as such, offers companies a limited number of security features that are not up to par with stringent, enterprise-level security protocols. 

For example, YouTube’s users can change their privacy settings to either private or unlisted, but none of these options is granular enough. Private mode means the videos are made available to the uploader alone, whereas unlisted mode allows users to not only access but also share “private” content via a direct link, making content vulnerable to various security breaches.   

Not to mention, YouTube operates as one of Google’s subsidiaries. Google is an American corporation with eight large data centers, and various cloud sites spread across the world. As a result, users have no control over where their videos are stored or processed.  

CorporateTube, on the other hand, provides admins with full control over their videos distribution and user rights. They can decide who can access which content, verify their identity, and assign them with certain rights and roles (e.g., editing, downloading, etc.). Common, advanced security features include deletion time, tokens, and even geo-blocking. 

Unlike YouTube, CorporateTube stores and processes video data within the movingimage enterprise video platform. The platform is hosted on European, ISO 27001-certified servers, making its range of products GDPR-compliant.

CorporateTube--the business alternative to YouTube

Content Ownership

One of the strongest arguments against using YouTube for enterprise videos is content ownership. In theory, copyrighted material is a legal right. However, by uploading a video to YouTube, you forfeit your copyrights by complying with the platform’s terms of Service, including royalty-free and non-exclusive rights over your content.

In other words, any user, including your competitors, can use, reproduce, distribute, and prepare derivative works of your videos. Let it sink in.

Moreover, YouTube reserves the right to stop its video hosting and delivery services at any given time. According to its terms and conditions “Content is the responsibility of the person or entity that provides it to the Service. YouTube is under no obligation to host or serve Content.”

CorporateTube, on the other hand, is a private video portal, allowing you to maintain your copyrights and prevent any unauthorized bodies from using it or even accessing it in the first place. It goes without saying that the Service cannot interfere with uploaded content, remove it, or stop streaming at its own discretion. 

Branding and Focus

While YouTube offers a host of features, branding is not one of them. If you switch between different channels on YouTube, you may notice the look and feel is almost identical.  

The platform does offer some extent of customization. Yet, much like its security features, those are very limited. In fact, the only way users can customize their content is by adding a profile picture and/or a banner to their YouTube channel. Users can’t change the video player, colors, and related videos, determined by YouTube’s algorithm. Not to mention, they can’t change the ads appearing before, during, or on top of their videos. In fact, and according to section 4 of YouTube’s terms and conditions, they can’t include any promotions or other advertisements in their video.    

CorporateTube Video Portal, on the other hand, allows users to customize the portal and brand it as their own in terms of colors, logo, fonts, and video channels.

Success Manager and Support Teams

With nearly 2 billion monthly users, it’s virtually impossible for YouTube to offer dedicated customer service. Users can only rely on community forums and generic online articles to solve their problems on their own.

Unlike YouTube, movingimage offers its customers a suite of support services: from dedicated account managers to success managers, to support teams, to video experts. All are available at their customers’ disposal from the very beginning. 

CorporateTube: the Enterprise Alternative to YouTube 

Luckily, there is a business alternative to YouTube. Such is movingimage CorporateTube, a portal that offers companies and enterprises a YouTube-like video portal for effective internal and external corporate video communication. 

The portal operates as a central video hub covering a wide range of use cases and enterprise requirements such as data protection, scalability, and enterprise-level security, allowing organizations to save time and money, improve workflows, and promote corporate digitalization.

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Video Portal for companies: What Are the Advantages?

Video content for companies is an indispensable part of modern corporate communication. 

It envelopes key qualities that other conventional media typically lack, streamlines communication between departments and employees, and unlocks a wide variety of business use cases. 

Among other things, you can use video to:

Optimize onboarding, simplify training, share knowledge

A video portal in your company can serve as the core of all educational video resources. Companies use videos to onboard new team members, create targeted learning programs to train existing employees, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge beyond individual teams to the entire organization.

Increase commitment, strengthen employee loyalty, promote transparency

A dedicated video platform is an integral part of your social intranet. It offers you a unique opportunity to enhance your employer branding and nurture special programs (e.g., Employee Brand Ambassador Program). You can also use it to strengthen your corporate culture, instill work ethics, and add an interactive layer.

Inspire customers, solve problems, save money

Video adds clear value to your customer care initiatives and supports your brand by illustrating, and thus simplifying, even the most complex topics. In addition, video is the ideal format to minimize time and cost expenditures and enhance customer satisfaction. 

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