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This is movingimage

Our cloud-based solution empowers companies to centrally manage and stream business video in the highest quality available and on any device. Companies across all verticals and industries have already put their trust in us, among which are top corporations such as Volkswagen, Commerzbank and Douglas.

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Ingo Hofacker, CEO
Dr. Ingo Hofacker
Chief Executive Officer
Ryan Scoville, CTO
Ryan Scoville
Chief Technology Officer
Marc Schwarze
Marc Schwarze
Chief Operating Officer
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Our Commitment to the Environment

Our Investors

We have been investors in movingimage for many years and are delighted to see how the company has gathered momentum in 2020 and has reached the next level in many areas. We are certain that the team will take this company very far!
We believe movingimage’s distinctive value proposition can empower companies to further drive and benefit from their digitalisation efforts. The highly secure and intuitive solution adds tremendous value to our digital reality.
We are convinced of the pivotal impact video will have on all businesses as much as we are impressed by movingimage’s strong growth momentum, great team and ambitious strategy going forward – therefore, we were delighted to lead the most recent growth financing.
We have supported this company through all stages of development and are thrilled to see the team's recent successes that predict enormous future potential.
As Chairman of the Supervisory Board, I am very pleased to see the speed and sustainability with which the new management has brought our company to a leading edge after the transition.
Steffen Seeger, Chairman of the Board

Care to Join Us?

We are always looking for new talent to join our team. If you have the passion for video, the technical aptitude, and the will to contribute to our groundbreaking vision, have a look at our open positions section!
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