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VideoManager Pro

A centralized video management software for your organization. Host, manage, edit, share and protect your videos with powerful features, an intuitive interface and high security on GDPR-compliant EU servers.
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Professional Video Management

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    Highest data protection

    Store & manage your videos GDPR-compliant, ISO27001-certified EU servers.
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    Workflow integrations

    Streamline your workflows with direct integrations with existing systems, such as Moodle, SharePoint, Staffbase and many more.
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    AI Power

    Automate essential processes, from transcoding to AI-generated subtitles and video descriptions in multiple languages.

More than just hosting

VideoManager Pro is designed to meet the unique needs of modern organizations, agencies and enterprises:  

  • Customizable, accessible HTML5 player 
  • Role-based access control (RBAC) for individual users 
  • Optimized transcoding & copy protection 

Comprehensive protection for your videos

Numerous security features protect your videos and your employees’ data. These include:   

  • SSL encryption 
  • IP range filter & geo-blocking 
  • Token authentication 

Uncompromising quality

1080p or 4k? .mov, .wmv or .flv? x264 or x265? VideoManager Pro knows them all. Host videos in any resolution and in any format. We don’t care about megabytes, but video minutes – so you can always focus on the best possible quality.  

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    High-speed HTML5 video player

    Our reliable HTML5 player is suitable for all operating systems and mobile devices. It offers fast loading times, high resolution and Flash fallback.
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    Accessible use

    Videos can be subtitled and all control functions of the video player can be operated with the keyboard. A screen reader is also available for users with visual impairments.
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    Video Analytics

    The user-friendly analysis tool measures the success of your video campaigns and presents results at a glance. Identify trends, track performance data, and analyze distribution by geography and device.
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    Quickly and easily add subtitles to any of your videos with automated subtitle generation. Very useful to reach new audiences and increase your engagement rates, among other things.
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    Customized thumbnails

    Put an end to boring preview images! With our smart thumbnail feature, you can select suitable frames or upload your own image.
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    Divide your video into individual chapters, so viewers can scan and understand relevant video content more quickly. This is particularly useful in corporate learning.