VideoManager Pro

Host, manage, edit, and share your video content with VideoManager Pro. Powerful features, intuitive interface, and full security on EU servers.

High-Performance Video Content Management System.

VideoManager Pro: Enterprise Video Content Management System

Professional video management at enterprise level.

We have developed VideoManager Pro to meet the unique requirements of modern companies, agencies, and corporations. The powerful video CMS forms the central video hub for your teams and ensures more security, more control, and more effective corporate communication at every step.

Video Asset Protection

Reliable protection for your videos.

Thanks to numerous security functions, VideoManager Pro meets even the strictest security standards. These include SSL encryption and IP range, token authentication, and geo-blocking. Role-based access control (RBAC) allows the assignment of permissions for individual users.

Video CMS supports all modern video formats and resolutions

Quality knows no compromise.

1080p or 4k? .mov, .wmv or .flv? x264 or x265? VideoManager Pro can do them all. Host videos in any resolution and format. We don’t count megabytes but minutes, so that you can offer your viewers the best possible quality at all times.

Integrate VideoManager Pro into existing IT infrastructures

Easy integration into your systems.

Quickly integrate VideoManager Pro into your existing IT environments. Our video management solution supports over 50 direct integrations, such as the Office 365 Suite, Staffbase, or Citrix. Our comprehensive REST API allows for custom integrations into other environments.

Innovative AI tools simplify your video workflows.

movingimage’s video AI-features enable efficient automation functions to support video workflows optimally. From perfect thumbnails and the ability to crop videos, over automatically generated subtitles and descriptions in numerous languages, to automatic transcoding.

VideoManager Pro Features

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    Breakneck-Speed HTML5 Video Player

    We designed our HTML5 player to be device-agnostic and to work across all systems and devices. It boasts fast loading time, high resolution, low CPU usage during playback, and Flash fallback.
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    Powerful API

    Our open REST API allows you to seamlessly integrate the movingimage video platform into your technology landscape, customize and manage video media, metadata and channels, and more.
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    Automated Transcoding

    Our automated transcoding offers high-quality streaming coupled with quick uploading & conversion to standard or special formats used by the player for adaptive bitrate streaming.
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    Our subtitles feature helps you add subtitles and closed captions to your videos, allowing you to extend your reach to new, international audiences and bolster your video engagement.
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    Video Campaigns Analytics

    Our user-friendly analytics monitors the success rate of your video campaigns at a glance. Use it to rank videos by performance, monitor trends, and track device distribution, among other metrics.
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    Adjustable Thumbnail Feature

    Our thumbnail feature enables you to select a still frame to represent your video via our pre-size thumbnail editor. Alternatively, you can choose to upload an image file from your computer.
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    Configurable Metadata

    Our configurable metadata fields enable you to leverage any video data, be it text, number, or date. You can even set Boolean fields, sync them with your DAM, and track values in your CMS.
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    Video Chapters

    Our video chapter feature lets you break your long-form content into shorter, titled subsections, making it easier for viewers to navigate between different topics.
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    Social Media Embedding

    Use our social media embedding feature to bolster your brand's presence on social media by incorporating videos into your company’s Twitter and YouTube accounts.
Full Control
You decide where, when and by whom videos can be viewed, edited, and shared.
Centralized Storage
Manage all of your video assets in one secure location.
Easy Distribution
Share videos anytime as a link, in the embeddable player, or other applications and systems.
Zero Doubts
Manage your video files in a GDPR-compliant video CMS hosted in ISO 27001-certified data centers.