Video Management and Sharing

Use a one-size-fits-all enterprise video solution to easily & effectively manage and share corporate video content from a central location.
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    Consolidate Corporate Video Content

    Keep all corporate video content on one, centralized platform.
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    Secure valuable video data

    Maintain full control over your videos with enterprise-level security features.
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    Set-up approval processes

    Administer user-level permissions to define who has which rights.
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    Automate Video Workflows

    Benefit from a selection of artifical intelligence (AI) assisted video workflows.
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    Streamline Video Distribution

    Share videos across channels and platforms from a single point of entry.
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    Gain Video Insights

    Aggregate, monitor, and analyze your video performance with Analytics.

The Full Video Management Glossary

There’s a lot more to video management than meets the eye. For example, do you know what’s the difference between “views” and “plays?” What’s RBAC and why is it so important for securing your company’s video assets? Read our video management glossary to learn more about a few key terms we often use in reference to an Enterprise Video Platform (EVP).

Watch Webinar

Webinar: Video and Digital Transformation

Video is an inseparable part of the digital transformation businesses around the world are undergoing. Watch our webinar and learn how to properly incorporate video content into your business workflows and how to leverage AI to bolster them even further.

Rights Roles

Comprehensive Rights and Roles Management

With movingimage’s rights and roles management, your video data is always in good hands. Use our fine-grained Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) to determine which users and/or groups within the enterprise can and access specific video content and to what degree.

Why movingimage for Video Management and Sharing

One Central Video Hub
Use a consolidated platform to never lose a video again.
AI-Powered Workflows
Apply intelligent video workflows across departments.
Simple Video Distribution
Streamline video distribution & sharing processes.
In-Depth Video Insights
Access a variety of actionable insights for both live & on-demand videos.

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