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Video Analytics

movingimage Analytics provides you with a tool for clear and intuitive statistics. Not only does it allow you to track the performance of your videos, but also enables you to understand how your target group thinks and which video content is really convincing.
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realtime analytics

Real-time performance analysis

Combine your data, calculate averages, and use dimensions to keep track of your KPIs and visualize successes. For example, you can measure video plays, unique users, or average playback time.

analytics target audience

Insights into your target group

Only by knowing your viewers properly can you learn to optimize your video content. Track which devices people are watching your videos on, how they interact with your videos, and where your audience is watching from.

analytics budget planning

Efficient video budget planning

Which videos performed well and which didn’t? With insights from past campaigns, you can learn how to make the most of your video budget. Clear dashboards and automatically sent reports also simplify your everyday life.

Professional video analytics

All data in one place
1 tool with 100% performance tracking
Extensive insights
60+ metrics and dimensions
Easy sharing
Share reports with a few clicks
Global reach
Data from 197 countries
analytics webinar

Webinar: Video Analytics

Every good content production starts with a defined goal and target audience. After the core message and style have been determined and the implementation has taken place, the question is whether the video will achieve the intended goal at all. How does a video perform?