Video for Corporate Learning

Incorporate videos into your corporate learning workflows to accelerate knowledge retention across the organization.
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    Streamline onboarding

    Help newcomers acclimatize to their new environment with video tutorials.
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    Personalize learning processes

    Create tailored video learning programs with searchable content.
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    Optimize training

    Reduce training time with targeted, bite-size learning videos.
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    Ensure the transfer of knowledge

    Support shared professional knowledge via corporate video portals.
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    Reduce learning costs

    Lower your operational costs through shorter learning cycles.
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    Illustrate complex processes

    Break down complex topics into how-to video snippets.

Jade Hochschule Case Study

Download the following case study and learn how Jade Hochschule managed to seamlessly incorporate video learning into its LMS (Learning Management System) using movingimage’s Moodle plugin.

Corporate Learning Webinar

Video is the perfect medium to accommodate corporate learning: It’s more engaging, informative, and memorable than any other medium. Watch our webinar and learn how to increase memory retention using advanced video features like chapters and interactive, live Q&A sessions.

HR Video Interview

Corporate Learning Strategy for HR

When managed properly, video offers a host of benefits that extend the reach of HR and professional development: it saves time, cuts costs and enables learning anywhere, anytime and on any device.

Why movingimage for Corporate Learning

70% Saving on Learning
Reduce learning costs by up to 70% vs. in-class learning.
60% Time Saving Potential
Save as much as 60% time vs. in-class learning.
50% More Knowledge Retention
Increase knowledge retention by 50% vs. in-class learning.