Video for Social Collaboration

Tap into a video portal that combines the best features of social media platforms, internal collaboration sites, and company video portals.
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    Increase Employee Engagement

    Share and discuss professional video insights with your team members.
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    Support Remote Collaboration

    Establish video-communication for remote employees.
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    Create a Knowledge-Sharing Space

    Provide employees with access to a corporate video knowledge center.
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    Promote Employee Advocacy

    Drive inspiration across departments through employee-generated videos.
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    Increase Employee Retention Rates

    Cultivate video communication to enhance morale and reduce turnover.
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    Foster Open Communication

    Sustain a transparent, safer, and more positive work culture.

From Social Intranet to a Digital Workspace

Video has become an integral part of social media strategy thanks to its positive effect on engagement and response rates. Yet it can be just as useful for social media within the organization itself—a term known as “social intranet”—as it is for social media on the internet.

Social Collaboration

Social Intranet Webinar

Social Intranet with video can expedite corporate communication by creating a transparent communication channel where employees are welcome to share their ideas, ask questions, and learn from one another. Watch our webinar to learn more about it:

Why movingimage for Social Collaboration

85% More Employee Satisfaction
Boost employee satisfaction rates by nearly 85%.
30% More Productivity
Increase your company's productivity by up to 30%.
50% Less Employee Turnover
Reduce employee turnover by up to 50%.
4.5X More Professional Talent
Increase talent retention by as much as 4.5 times.