Virtual Events

Host virtual and hybrid events with movingimage's virtual event platform. Inspire your online participants with the best possible streaming quality, virtual networking and interactive engagement features.

Powerful solutions
for virtual events

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    Virtual & Hybrid Events

    Host events completely virtually or in a hybrid format for even more reach. In both cases, you can use the full functionality of the event platform.
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    Main Stage

    The main stage is at the heart of the virtual event platform. Here, participants can follow the event, exchange ideas and get involved in the action.
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    Virtual Breakout Rooms

    Virtual breakout rooms are the perfect retreat for small groups to share ideas, network or work together.
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    Virtual Networking & Matchmaking

    The event platform offers chats, breakout rooms and individual groups for up to 4 participants. Matchmaking recommends the ideal discussion partners.
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    In the virtual reception hall you present the agenda, instructions for the course of the event, information about the speakers and the logos of your sponsors.
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    Event Analytics

    The analytics dashboard and reporting provides insights into key metrics such as engagement or attendee rates and helps you optimize your events.

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Digital platform for events & conferences

Conferences, workshops, hackathons or trade shows – host virtual events any way you want to. Extensive features support you from the invitation to the implementation to the final reporting.

More space for exchange & ideas

Create virtual breakout rooms to bring audience groups together and encourage engagement. You can either specify the topics of the rooms yourself and have a moderator guide them, or allow your audience to create their own rooms.

Host an event in minutes

Plan exciting events with just a few clicks. Impress your audience with a personalized design and an intuitive interface – our virtual event software offers countless options while being as versatile as a physical event.

Virtual networking easier than ever

Chats, breakout rooms, individual meetings and a matchmaking function offer networking opportunities just like on-site. Your participants can create their own profiles and network with each other.

Customize design & features

Get creative! Personalize your event platform, reflect your company’s corporate design and choose the different functionalities according to the needs of your virtual event.

Flexible functionality for your event

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    Global Chats & Announcements

    In the global chat, all participants can be reached and provided with general information. Alternatively, events in different rooms or on the main stage can be pointed out via pop-up.
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    Invitation management

    Invite your viewers directly from your event platform with a personalized email. Additionally, a registration form with all necessary information can be integrated.
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    Receive feedback from your audience by setting up live polls and letting them vote in real time. This way, the audience becomes an active part of your event program.
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    Whiteboards & Other Tools

    On the main stage and in the rooms, entire websites, web applications, photos, videos and tools such as Slido or Mentimeter can be integrated.

One solution for all
virtual and hybrid event formats.

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    Conferences & Trade Shows

    Inspire your professional audience with panel discussions and offer participants a unique space to network afterwards.
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    Promote the creativity of your team by means of exciting workshops. Survey and whiteboard tools encourage interaction and provide space for new impulses.
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    Team Events

    Easily host your team events online and enable all employees, remote or on-site, to come together – no matter where they are.
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    Train your staff and advance careers. Interactive areas and embedding help create a motivating climate so that participants get the most out of the training.
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    Town Hall Meetings

    Regularly catch up with your employees on current events in the company, discuss quarterly goals or plan new projects together.
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    Hybrid Events

    Complement your physical event and stream it in parallel on the Virtual Events platform. Your online audience can interact with the speakers and moderators using interactive functions or exchange information with each other.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a virtual event?

The term “virtual event” refers to an event that takes place in a virtual environment on the web instead of at a physical location. Participants can watch the event via livestream, or interact with each other in special areas via chat, phone call or video call.

How does the Virtual Events platform differ from a webcast?

Virtual Events is suitable for workshops, discussions, team events and similar events due to the many interaction possibilities. In case of a broad communication from one or a few speakers to a large group of participants and without the need for interaction between different participants, the use of the webcast tool is recommended.

How many users can participate in a virtual event?

The Virtual Events Platform supports up to 100 participants in the integrated video conference system. For a higher number of participants, we recommend using the movingimage webcast streaming solution, which can be seamlessly integrated into the Virtual Events Platform as a streaming source. All additional event functions are still available without restrictions.

Can I customize the design of the event platform?

Yes, you have a wide range of customization options at your disposal, so you can adapt the frontend according to your CI and CD guidelines.

Can audience members interact with each other?

Yes, in the breakout rooms, audience:members can talk in small groups, or they can use the networking area for 1:1 conversations.