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Virtual Events

The all-in-one event platform for virtual and hybrid events powered by Veertly. Perfect for events of any size, from workshops to staff meetings or trade fairs. Book your personal demo now!
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    Fast setup

    Create your event in just minutes, with your own registration page and personalized email invitations.
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    Flexible extensions

    Integrate a variety of third-party tools or even entire websites to engage and retain attendees.
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    Personal interaction

    Videos, chats, polls, networking, and more provide new opportunities for face-to-face interaction with and among attendees.
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Virtual event, real success

The digital features of our virtual event platform offer new opportunities for more audience engagement and higher satisfaction of your attendees. 

  • Interactive tools & gamification 
  • Stress-free networking & matchmaking 
  • Individual breakout rooms 

Versatile formats

Virtual Events supports many personalization and extension options, making it suitable for a wide range of event formats. Among the favorites of our customers are: 

  • Workshops & Trainings 
  • Conferences, lectures & trade fairs 
  • Staff meetings & team events 
  • Interactive product demos & video shopping 
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Simple management

Preparation, execution, evaluation – the all-in-one event platform offers all features needed for a successful event:  

  • Invitation management incl. e-mail 
  • Reliable, GDPR-compliant event hosting 
  • Connection to external streaming & video conferencing solutions 
  • Event analytics 
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    Virtual & Hybrid Events

    Host events fully virtually or in hybrid format for increased reach. In both cases, you can use the event platform’s full functionality.
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    Reception Hall

    Present the agenda, instructions for the event, information about the speakers and, if desired, the logos of your sponsors in your virtual reception hall.
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    Main stage

    The main stage is the heart of the event platform. Here attendees can follow the event, exchange information and get involved in the action.
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    Virtual Breakout Rooms

    Virtual breakout rooms are the perfect retreat for small groups to exchange ideas, do some networking or work together.
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    Virtual Networking & Matchmaking

    The event platform offers chats, breakout rooms and individual groups for up to 4 participants. The matchmaking function recommends the best people to talk to.
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    Invitation management

    Invite your audience easily with a personalized email. Additionally, a registration form with all necessary information can be integrated.
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    Global chats & announcements

    Reach out to all participants and provide general information in the global chat. Alternatively, events in different rooms or on the main stage can be highlighted via pop-up.
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    Collect feedback from your audience by setting up live polls and real-time voting. This way the audience becomes an active part of your event program.
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    Whiteboards & other tools

    Integrate entire websites, web applications, photos, videos and tools such as Slido or Mentimeter on the main stage and in the rooms.