Create a Corporate Video Platform

Create your own YouTube video platform for corporate use. The CorporateTube enables employees to access an entire video content management platform through one single point of entry.

Live Stream Corporate Town Halls

Enjoy a smooth, secure video streaming experience with an enterprise-grade video solution that ensures your IT department maintains its peace of mind.

Communicate Via Social Intranet

Allow your employees to connect and communicate via video in confidence. Share and stream video in wikis, discussion threads, and articles securely and without bringing down the network.

Save Time and Costs With eLearning

Use live, on-demand eLearning videos to save your business time and operational costs, as well as extend the reach of HR by distributing onboarding and ongoing training.

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eLearning with video office

Promote Product Videos & Demos

Reduce service desk traffic and costs by communicating the latest product rollout, syncing interactive videos with PIM systems, and cross-promoting products or services.

Incorporate Videos into Microsoft Office

Take your day-to-day communication to the next level by easily incorporating video content into Outlook emails and PowerPoint presentations.