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Captivate your virtual audience! Interactive livestreaming excites, connects, and creates compelling experiences.
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LiveStream Interactive

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    Live streaming in top quality

    Create immersive experiences with innovative streaming technologies and inspire your audience. Stream content of any size seamlessly in high video and audio quality, no matter where, no matter on which device.
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    Increased engagement

    Numerous entertaining options for interaction turn your viewers into active participants. Gamification, polls and other interactive elements keep your livestream varied and measurably increase your audience's attention.
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    Real-time feedback

    With only 3 seconds of latency, you receive direct feedback and thus valuable insights into the behavior and preferences of your viewers. Measure the engagement level of your audience during the livestream and determine the true success of your event.
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    Live Commerce

    With interactive shopping overlays, viewers can add your products directly to their shopping cart during the stream. This turns your event into an immediate sales channel with an above-average conversion rate.
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    Brand conformity

    Put your brand in the spotlight. Customize the color scheme of your interactive livestream to match your corporate design and create a cohesive brand experience that your audience will remember.
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    High flexibility

    Prepare interactions for your livestream tailored to your strategic goals, or respond spontaneously to your audience during the live event. The interaction options can be managed flexibly and according to your needs.
Overlay information feature in LiveStream Interactive


Add additional information to your live event with text overlays. In this way, you can attract special attention to selected content, highlight important announcements and provide impetus for valuable clicks. 

Interactive communication feature in LiveStream Interactive


Promote a sense of community and interaction with your audience, and gather even more information. Answer questions in real-time and learn more about your viewers’ perspectives through surveys, ratings, and polls. Pose challenging questions, gauge the current mood, or make learning processes even more efficient and sustainable. 

Gamification feature in LiveStream Interactive


Entertain and captivate your audience with interactive games and challenges. Motivate your audience to actively participate, let them compete against each other and ignite their competitive spirit!   

Shopping feature in LiveStream Interactive


Seamlessly integrate products into your livestream and create unique shopping experiences. Launch new products and create exclusive offers that land directly in your audience’s shopping cart with just one click.   

Top-notch Livestreaming

LiveStream Interactive revolutionizes the way livestreams are experienced and designed, offering up to 20 different interaction options. Create a unique, captivating live communication, increase your audience's attention, and collect real-time data. Dive into a new dimension of livestreaming, we're happy to advise you!