Meet Our Experts: Katrin Stevens, Working Student Marketing

Hi, I’m Katrin and I work at movingimage in the marketing team as a working student.

What do you like most about your job?

In my position as a working student, what I enjoy most is that I get a broad insight into the work of movingimage and I can actually help out somehow in most departments and can support especially in the marketing team, in Online Marketing and Event Management.

Which feature of our products do you like the most?

The coolest feature definitely has the VideoManager Pro. There, we have an artificial intelligence that automatically generates subtitles and this definitely saves you a lot of work when typing.

What fascinates you about video?

What fascinates me most about the topic of video is that you can explain and present the most complicated facts super easily and you can watch a short tutorial much faster than reading page-long texts.

How do you use videos privately?

Privately, I actually use videos all day, I get up in the morning with videos, watch cooking tutorials or other tutorials and am also very happy that I can work a lot with video both professionally and in my studies.