Stream your live company events at scale! movingimage Webcast is a livestreaming and slide-synchronization tool that allows you to extend your broadcast to all employees, business partners, and shareholders, wherever they may be with its unmatched streaming quality across all devices and operating systems.

Webcast Features

Live streaming is one of the most talked-about video trends in the last few years, yet most of us aren’t familiar with some of its essential terminology. What is adaptive bitrate streaming? Who needs an encoder and how to avoid streaming bottlenecks? Check out our full live streaming glossary and find out!

Live streaming has become one of the most popular enterprise video use cases. In our next webinar, we explain why and how to use it in conjunction with conferencing tools to exponentially extend your next broadcast.

Webcasting—live video broadcasting over the internet/intranet—has become a viable, modern alternative to in-person company events. Read our blog post and learn about its advantages as well as about movingimage’s own webcasting solution.

If you’ve ever tried streaming video in Citrix environment, you must know how challenging this task is. In our next webinar, we explain how to overcome Citrix’s network limitations with our unique video solution.