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    Breakneck-Speed HTML5 Video Player

    Our robust HTML5 player allows you to match your Webcast to your corporate design standards, including logos, colors, fonts, buttons, and layout. It boasts fast loading time, high resolution, low CPU usage during playback, and Flash fallback.
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    Live Streaming Statistics

    Our Live Analytics Dashboard provides you with essential statistics on your live broadcasts in real-time. Analyze the quality of your live stream, current viewer numbers, browsers and playback devices, views and plays, geotracking, and much more at a glance.
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    Live Q&A

    Our interactive Q&A feature allows you to connect with remote viewers and establish a two-way communication channel through which remote viewers can refer questions to the speakers in real-time via a dedicated chatbox.
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    Post-Live Customization

    Customize your webcast according to your needs with our post-live features: slideshow synchronization, presentation updates, setting video chapters, 3rd party CMS embedding, on-demand mode, and much more.
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    eCDN and CDN Delivery

    Our video platform supports video delivery both via Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN), allowing you to distribute both live and on-demand video regardless of network conditions.
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    Microsoft Teams Integration

    Integrate movingimage's Webcast into Microsoft Teams for a seamless video workflow within your company's communication hub.

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The efficient, exciting, and effective webcast solution

movingimage Webcast offers a new standard for live webcasts and video streaming to the largest companies, agencies, and top DAX corporations. We developed the cloud-based SaaS webcast solution especially for our customers in the enterprise segment to enable smooth, secure, and scalable broadcasts on all devices.

broadcast live events

Appealing online events without sacrifices

Turn your event into a compelling virtual experience with movingimage Webcast. Engage your audience with synchronized slideshows, interactive Q&As, and unsurpassed streaming quality – turning your webcast into an optimal alternative or supplement to an in-person event.

Stream video on every network

Full reach on any device, at any location

Whether it’s a town hall meeting, conference, or product launch, multiply your event’s reach with a webcast live stream. Enterprise Content Delivery Networks (eCDN), real-time transcoding and a top-speed HTML5 video player enable you to broadcast your event to tens of thousands of viewers simultaneously.

Live broadcast now, Video-On-Demand later

Record your webcast to make it available as video-on-demand for playback after your live broadcast. Integrate movingimage Webcast directly into VideoManager Pro and transfer recordings to any other popular content management system to later repurpose your content.

webcast security and data protection

Enterprise-level security for your media

Protect your webcast stream with robust security and privacy features, such as geo and IP restrictions and HTTPS transmission. Login and password protection provides security even if third parties access your link.

live stream video production agency

360° webcast service before, during, and after your event

Light, camera, action: Our movingimage live streaming experts are always at your side. Whether it’s the planning, execution, or post-production of your webcast, our custom support packages are tailored to your needs.