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CorporateTube is a secure and company-wide video portal where employees can watch, upload, and share video content.
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What Is CorporateTube

movingimage CorporateTube is a secure, web-based video portal for internal and external corporate communication. Use it to create, watch, share, and rate video content on any device or web browser. The portal boasts fast uploads, high-quality conversion, and exceptional security standards. Click on the link below to download the CorporateTube flyer.

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CorporateTube Webinar

Creating your enterprise video portal has never been easier! Watch our CorporateTube webinar and learn how to integrate video into external systems, ways to secure your enterprise video content, and how to use the product to drive a host of corporate communications.

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One Video Portal for Multiple Use Cases

CorporateTube is a versatile and intuitive portal that can serve multiple purposes, including corporate learning, social intranet, and town hall meetings recordings. Read our blog post and learn how you can make the most out of it and pave the way for business greatness.


Interactive Collaboration Features

Add an interactive dimension to your corporate video communications. Use a variety of interactive video features such as rating, comment, and share to connect with your viewers, engage them, and foster a culture of transparency and team collaboration.

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    Breakneck-Speed HTML5 Video Player

    Our robust HTML5 player enables you to match your Webcast to your corporate design standards, including logos, colors, fonts, buttons, and layout. It boasts fast loading time, high resolution, low CPU usage during playback, and Flash fallback.
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    Any Modern Device and Web Browser

    Our universally compatible video portal is designed to work across all operating systems and devices, allowing you to watch any video content, be it on-demand webinars or live-streamed company meetings, indistinctively.
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    Our metadata fields include, among other things, a video's title, its description, and keywords. These parameters can be used within the platform to search for corresponding as well as related video content.
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    eCDN and CDN Delivery

    Our platform supports video delivery via both Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN), ensuring the distribution of live and on-demand video regardless of network conditions.
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    Interactive Collaboration Features

    Our interactive features help you to emotionally connect with your viewers, engage them, and create a sense of workplace community through commonly-used social media elements, including upload, rating, comment, and share.