Enterprise-Grade SaaS Solution

Our enterprise-grade, SaaS solution enables secure management of your company’s entire video portfolio anywhere in the world, and on any device, while allowing easy integration into your existing IT ecosystem.

Breakneck-Speed HTML5 Video Player

Our HTML5 player boasts faster loading time, higher resolution and lower CPU usage during playback. It also has a flash fallback and is compatible with any desktop or mobile device.

Immersive 360°

Our immersive 360° video player allows you to bring spaces, processes, and environments to life for training, real estate, automotive, e-commerce, healthcare, and tourism purposes.

Powerful Uploading

Automated Transcoding

Our automated transcoding service allows high-quality streaming, as well as quick upload and video conversion to standard or special formats. These formats are being used by the player for adaptive bitrate streaming, enabling a better, buffer-free streaming experience.

Configurable, Multilingual Metadata

Our configurable, multilingual metadata fields allow you to leverage your video data, be it text, number or image. Use Boolean fields, sync with your DAM and track values and identifiers in your CMS system.

Search and filter Tools

Our search and filter tools help you quickly track and discover video content. Refine your search with intelligent filters to find specific types of data or search metadata fields.

Subtitles Feature

Our subtitle feature allows you to add subtitles and captions to any of your videos. Use it via our easy-to-use VideoManger Pro to unlock new, international audiences!

Chapter Division

Our chapter feature allows you to structure your videos by dividing them into chapters and skip to specific content parts at a click of a button. This feature is especially handy for E-Learning, meetings, CEO communication or investor-relations purposes.

Adjustable Thumbnails

Our thumbnail feature could help you attract more views by selecting the right thumbnail. Go frame-by-frame with the pre-size thumbnail editor or upload your own image file and adjust or change it later for different video use cases.


Social Media Embedding

Our social media embedding solution can boost your social-media presence, amplify your message and help you become a better storyteller. Embed your video content in your company’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts and see for yourself!

Scalable Delivery Options

Our delivery options allow you to access the next generation of digital acceleration with massively scalable live or on-demand systems that can deliver your videos to any device, anywhere in the world while providing safe and reliable redundant hosting.

Video Campaigns Analytics

Our user-friendly analytics tool monitors the success rate of your video campaigns at a glance. By using it you can rank videos by performance, monitor trends, find out what devices and OSs viewers are using, and track geographical distribution.