Videofy the Digital Workplace


Easily create your own corporate YouTube-like video portal that enables employees to access an entire video content management platform through a single point of entry.
movingimage and security certificates

Secure Enterprise Video Platform

Shape your corporate video culture with a modular, robust, and user-friendly video asset management platform that includes a wide range of customizable features and rights management.

Live Webcasts

Showcase your business’s latest accomplishes, engage with your audience, and leave a lasting impression with virtual press conferences, company meetings, and shareholder updates. You could even sync live broadcasts with PowerPoint slides in real-time!

Video Share App

The movingimage app empowers users to easily and securely share their knowledge and ideas, to collaborate, and provide feedback to their colleagues and peers, all through video. The app is stored in ISO 27001 certified data centers and complies with the highest security standards and General Data Protection Regulations.

Video-Enable Your Applications

Video is your key to the digital workplace. Unlock a world of corporate video applications like social intranet or corporate learning by integrating the movingimage Enterprise Video Platform into your company’s IT landscape.