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Realisation of a captivating virtual staff meeting for the employees of AOK

Agency organises virtual event for 6,800 participants of AOK Baden-Württemberg

Karl Turner is a consultant, conceptualiser, producer and coach for live communication. Since 2001, he has been advising companies on holistic and creative communication solutions with his agency turner & friends.

This was also the case for his client AOK Baden-Württemberg. The market-leading health insurance company commissioned Turner to organise a virtual staff meeting for 6,800 participants. In its search for a suitable tool, the agency came across Virtual Events by movingimage. The event platform was convincing thanks to many interactive features such as chats and the integration of surveys. The event was a complete success and turner & friends received consistently positive feedback from the participants.

The Challenge

Inform employees and improve the corporate culture

AOK Baden-Württemberg employs around 10,000 staff at various locations in Germany. This large number of staff, as well as the physical distance between colleagues, presents the company with a challenge. Especially when it comes to implementing corporate events that aim to bring people together, improve the corporate culture and increase productivity. While face-to-face events were already a major challenge for any internal communication manager, the purely digital events required by the pandemic opened up new and profound uncertainties.

The Solution

Realisation of a virtual staff meeting

The AOK Baden-Württemberg commissioned the agency turner & friends to organise a virtual staff meeting. Owner Karl Turner quickly realised that a completely new event concept and a completely new way of implementing and interacting with the participants was needed to meet this challenge and set out to find a suitable event platform. By chance, his team came across the Virtual Events Platform from movingimage and it was immediately clear that it had exactly the right requirements for implementation.

With Virtual Events, virtual and hybrid events can be implemented as if they were held on site. In addition to classic live stream integration, the intuitive platform also includes the creation of virtual rooms and the integration of all relevant information as well as video on demand. It also offers many interactive functions such as chats and polls that actively involve the audience in the event process.

The integration with the movingimage Webcast, on the other hand, enables a smooth transmission of the stream to up to 10,000 people in the highest quality.

Together with the experienced video production team from movingimage, turner & friends carried out a proof of concept. After the concept of the event was fixed, the event could be completely designed on the Virtual Events Platform according to the needs of the client and the branding could be adapted. The platform was ready for use in just three hours: personalised invitations could be sent to all participants, previously produced content could be reused and audience interactivity could be ensured during the event.

The Result

Virtual event with a lot of interaction and positive feedback

Thanks to the implementation of the staff meeting on Virtual Events, turner & friends was able to record an event with the highest number of participants ever for the AOK – a whole 6,800 viewers took part. The interactive features were used extensively by the participants: for example, 2,000 word contributions could be counted in the chat.

Audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive, reflected in 95% five-star ratings. The organisers succeeded in offering AOK Baden-Württemberg employees an experience that created digital proximity and generated a positive impact within the company. In addition, the ease of setting up the platform and the reuse of existing content resulted in significant cost and time savings for the client.

Key business outcomes and benefits

  • Customisation of the platform to the branding of the event to create an immersive brand experience.
  • Cost and time efficiency thanks to the easy-to-set-up platform and the ability to reuse specific content
  • Engagement of the online audience through the interactivity options on the platform
  • Easily reach audiences and deliver key messages through the inclusion of live and on-demand video
  • Largest possible number of participants thanks to the possibility to participate online

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About turner & friends

turner & friends has been offering consulting and event conception and production since 2012. The agency was founded by Karl Turner in Cologne with the mission of “creating impact”.

About AOK Baden-Württemberg

The AOK Baden-Württemberg is one of eleven health insurance funds in the AOK community. It insures over 4.5 million people in the country and has a budget volume of over 20 billion euros.