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What Is Social Intranet

Videos have become an integral part of social media strategy thanks to their positive effect on engagement and response rates. Yet it can be just as useful for social media within the organization itself—a term known as “social intranet”—as it is for social media on the internet.

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Why Social Intranet

Not only is video highly engaging but it also allows people to collaborate with one another and exchange ideas and opinions effectively and securely. Use it to set the stage for your workforce to educate, give feedback, and share ideas with one another. Download our free E-book to learn more about it!


Video & Social Intranet

Videos are used, among other things, to train employees, update them, and share live streaming events anytime, anywhere. Watch our webinar to learn all there is to know about the next step: Social Intranet.


Intranet Video Trends

Watch our webinar to learn about cutting-edge intranet video trends that are changing the face of internal corporate communication.