How Hettich, one of the largest manufacturers of furniture fittings, uses video to bring technical products to life worldwide

Effectively showcasing technical products can be a daunting challenge for any business.
However, Hettich, Germany’s leading manufacturer of furniture fittings, a company driven by innovation and excellence, discovered the perfect solution – video.
With video at the core of their marketing strategy, Hettich has embarked on a transformative journey that has redefined their communication with their target audience, elevated brand awareness, and driven their marketing efforts to new heights.


Embracing the Power of Video

Hettich has chosen video as the ideal medium to make their technical products come to life. In an era where visual communication reigns supreme, they recognized the potential of video to engage their audience and convey complex product information in a compelling way. Explainer videos and training videos are their trusted allies in the quest to quickly transmit vital information about their products to a global audience.


Explainer and Training Videos

Hettich strategically tailored their video content to meet the unique needs of different segments of their audience. Explainer videos were crafted to effectively engage classical industrial customers, providing them with clear and concise insights into the features and advantages of Hettich’s offerings. On the other hand, training videos played a pivotal role in connecting with product handlers. These videos served as invaluable resources, deepening their understanding of each product’s distinct features, forging a closer connection with the products themselves.

Hettich Product videos

Video as a Branding Powerhouse

Video is for Hettich not solely the perfect allied for information transfer, but also a powerful tool for branding. Video allows them to tell their story, showcase their values, and create a lasting impression in the minds of their stakeholders worldwide. It is an integral part of their communication and branding strategy.


The partnership with movingimage

Hettich’s journey with video became even more successful when they partnered with movingimage.

This collaboration offers them more than just secure video hosting. With movingimage, they gained access to a platform that allows all colleagues worldwide to easily share, categorize, and search through the company´s video content. One of the most significant advantages to them is the ability to activate automatic translation, enabling efficient and fast knowledge transfer across languages and regions.

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Livestreaming of highly professional events

Hettich leveraged the movingimage Enterprise Video Suite to independently host highly professional livestreaming events. Their primary objectives were information sharing and fostering interactivity, complemented by seamless integration with their e-commerce and online catalog. Hettich’s team, despite lacking prior expertise, effortlessly embraced livestreaming thanks to movingimage’s user-friendly solution.

Hettich Livestreaming

Hettich’s team quickly grasped livestreaming, even without prior expertise, thanks to the user-friendly solution provided by movingimage.

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Video: The Future of Hettich’s Marketing

As Hettich gazes into the future, they envision video playing an increasingly vital role in their marketing endeavors. Their unwavering commitment to top-quality content and robust security has solidified movingimage as a trusted partner on their journey. With video as the driving force, Hettich is poised for even greater success.

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About Hettich

Hettich is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of furniture fittings.
Around 8.000 members of staff are committed to the common goal of being successful. Home and hub of the family owned business is Kirchlengern, East Westphalia, where we are one of the largest employers.