Meet Our Experts: Željka Vujić, Solution Engineer

Hi, I’m Zeljka and I’m a Solution Engineer at movingimage.

What is your role at movingimage?

My tasks here are mainly to consult our new customers, but also existing customers. That means demonstrating our products and trying to solve their use cases. But also besides that, I’m taking over some Product Management tasks for our Virtual Events platform.

What are the benefits of hosting a virtual event?

The benefits of hosting a virtual event is that you can reach a wider audience. Besides that, you save costs compared to onsite events and you can position your brand properly and you solve also the issue of accessibility.

What is the best thing about our Virtual Events platform?

The best thing of our Virtual Events tool is the flexibility. So you can change the layout, the functionalities, the design or embed tools like Miro and Slido. And that means that you really have the tool that you need for each event with the functionalities that you need to achieve for example collaboration.

What kind of events can you host virtually?

The variety of events that you can host with our Virtual Events platform are endless; so it can be a basic internal event for communication purposes but it can also be a partner summit, a sales kick off, a fair or workshops, onboardings. So as you can see, it could be everything.

How would you describe your development at movingimage?

At movingimage I had the chance to really develop a lot. I’m here now for 1 1/2 years and I learned a lot of different things and had the chance to drive different projects and initiatives.

Nala, what is your role at movingimage?

No time to talk! I have an important happiness project going on. Bye.