Meet Our Experts: Tatjana Tertyshnik, Video Producerin

Hi, my name is Tatjana and at movingimage I work as a producer. My job is, of course, to produce videos together with my team that represent our company to the outside world.

How would you describe movingimage?

movingimage, for me, represents many creative minds who help to shape the future with the help of video.

What do you enjoy most at your job?

As a producer, I enjoy the most to experience the process of creating videos; so at first, it’s just an idea that you have worked on in a brainstorming and then it goes on to the concept. I plan the production and then comes the post production and at some point you have the finished video, which has arisen from a simple idea and to see that, that’s just a great feeling and that’s what I enjoy the most.

Which feature of our products do you like the most?

Personally, I like to work with the VideoManager Pro because I just like the video management in it. So each department could have its own channel, if it wants and in this channel you can see at a glance which videos are already available.

When does an Enterprise Video Platform make sense?

If it takes longer than maybe 1-2 minutes to find a video, which was produced some time ago, then you should definitely think about using such a management system in form of a video platform.