Meet Our Experts: Paul Niklaus, SEO Manager

Hi, my name is Paul and I am the SEO Manager here at movingimage.

What is your role at movingimage?

My role here at movingimage is making sure that people can find us on the internet. That means having a website that can be found on Google as well as paid advertising, for example on Social Media.

What do you like the most about your job?

What I really like most about my job is that it’s a good mix of being analytical, but also creative. I get to write a lot of content but I also get to analyze the performance of our campaigns for example.

Where do you see the benefit of videos in the context of SEO?

I really believe that video is a wonderful tool for search engine optimization simply because a lot of companies are not doing it. So instead of competing with your blog or with your overall website, you can compete with video, which is a completely new and open space.

How does movingimage use videos?

We ourselves use videos for quite a lot of use cases actually. I know in Marketing we’re using video for live events or webinars or even to showcase our products and its features on our website, whereas internally we’re using video to share knowledge in between teams.

How would you describe your development at movingimage?

I really enjoyed my development here at movingimage and I think I started out focusing solely on search engine optimization. But then I learned so many new things about video development and about the technical aspects of the work we’re doing every day and there have been a ton of opportunities to just try out new things and branch out, even in fields that initially I wouldn’t have expected.