Meet Our Experts: Martin Taylor-Müller, Office Manager & Accountant

Hello, my name is Martin and I’m the Office Manager and Accountant here at movingimage.

How does your typical day look like?

My typical day at movingimage certainly begins with having a walk through the office and making sure that the office is ready for my people here and then I take care of all the incoming requests I have received, be it people topics, events but also financial questions and invoices.

What kind of events do you organize?

Currently my team and I set up a couple of events to create a more vivid culture here at movingimage. For instance, we have set up our critical movie night where we watch a movie about a diversity topic and discuss this topic afterwards or our lunch pig, where one member of the team cooks for a couple of people in our kitchen.

Which of the company values do you like the most?

My favorite company value is definitely diversity, as I strongly believe in the power of diversity and it’s just great to see how it enables us to use the full potential that people actually bring with them. movingmage provided me with great opportunities to develop.

How would you describe your development at movingimage?

I first started here as an Office Manager and then I was asked to become the Accountant as well. So now I’m part of two teams: the finance team and the people team and it’s just a great example for development.