Meet Our Experts: Anna Spektor, Senior Key Account Manager

The need of the customer is always to see the advantage for their business value, like when they buy some products, some software-as-a-service product, they want to have a better value and a better usage for them.

So to get this value in terms of revenue, they also want to spare some money on software deployment, on sort of software setup, on the support, and everything.

And that all they get by buying a software-as-a-service product, so they don’t have to make any set ups, they don’t have to deploy it, they don’t have to maintain it because everything is provided by the software-as-a-service provider.

So they don’t have these costs or the costs are down. As well as they don’t have initial costs, right?

So they buy the product & all they needs is only internet connection and a web browser.