picture of movingimage headquarters with ceos and co-workers

A Team with a Mission

At movingimage, video is what drives us. From developers to marketing to customer relations, we are united in delivering outstanding products and services that are tailored to your enterprise needs.

Agile Rocks

We have taken the groundbreaking challenge of transitioning from a traditional management approach to an Agile work environment throughout the entire company to foster engagement and innovation.

A Diverse Tech Company

With employees from more than 25 different nationalities, we foster workplace diversity. Our corporate language is English because we believe that sharing the same language makes us equal in communication and collaboration.

picture co-workers at movingimage

Open Space for the Open-Minded

We are located in Berlin’s “Media Spree” tech hotspot. Our building’s amazing architecture goes hand in hand with our company values: open space, open minds and tech innovation.