Meet Our Experts: Anna Spektor, Senior Key Account Manager

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Anna Spektor, key account manager and video expert
In our new series, Meet Our Experts, we introduce some of the talented people behind the movingimage Enterprise Video Platform. Get to know them and see the platform through their eyes. Today we discuss customer satisfaction, video consumption, the difference between OVPs and EVPs and why Software as a Service is the best solution for meeting customer needs.

Meet our Key Account Manager and Video Expert: Anna Spektor 

In this episode, we’ll be discussing customers’ video requirements with Anna Spektor, who’s is in charge of customer satisfaction at movingimage.

How do you make sure that customers are satisfied with our service?

We engage our customers with calls, we facilitate quarterly business reviews, we champion customer advocacy within our company. We also help our customers to proactively embrace our products. In the end, we want our customers to succeed with our products, receive value (in terms of business value) and for them to grow. Our aim is that our customers get the best value from our products – when they are happy, so are we.

Who is a typical customer for movingimage?

We are proud to have customers of various sizes, but I would say that the typical customers for us are large companies. We take care of enterprises from different areas and various verticals such as automotive, banking, electricity providers, football clubs, logistics, to name a few.

Why do you think video consumption has increased for professional use?

Nowadays, video is key. Everyone wants to watch videos because they are a better way to consume information. Video can also be used in many different contexts, both personally and professionally. It’s very quick to film something and send someone something funny or conversely, some serious information dealing with corporate learning within the industry. Indeed, that is why it’s so important that the streaming is secure, and that its GDPR compliant for Europe. As GDPR compliance is crucial, companies are impressed with our enhanced security features, and also with the fact that our development and support are also based in Europe.

What leads companies to search for an enterprise video platform?

The video trends in recent years show that enterprises are using videos for corporate learning, intranet, also social intranet, live streaming of town hall meetings & CEO speeches. It is also very important to again mention that for enterprises it is of paramount significance that their internal communication is secured to the highest standard – this is something which movingimage excels at.

On which aspects would you base the final decision when making comparisons between enterprise video platforms?

As an enterprise I’d definitely prioritize security aspects, like being compliant with GDPR, where is the company based – EU or non-EU? Where is the data stored / where is the server located? It’s important to mention that movingimage was the only European headquartered company mentioned in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant in 2018 in terms of security & GDPR compliance, and we are very proud of that. I’d also evaluate if it’s an OVP that my company needs or an EVP. Finally, I would prefer a SaaS solution, it better meets customer needs.

What is the difference between an OVP and an EVP?

In general, OVPs are mainly concentrated on video asset management or streaming, whereas EVPs are developed for enterprises / larger businesses to manage high quantities of video assets. Specifically, OVP platforms are aimed to serve publishers, digital broadcasters, or media companies, which have video editorial content that serves a broader audience of interest. EVPs are aimed more towards intranet / in-house communication, so, therefore, are focused on serving the employees within a company only, so must be much more secure. Saying that, at movingimage, we also support many external use cases.

Why do you believe Software as a Service is a Better Solution than on-premises or hybrid for meeting customer needs?

The most important need for a customer is always to see the advantage of their business value. When customers buy a SaaS product, it’s because they want to have a better value and a better usage for them, and to get this value in terms of revenue. They also want to save money on software deployment, software set up, on support, and still have reliable and automatically updated products with zero downtime – they get all this via SaaS. The customers don’t have to undertake any set-ups, they don’t have to deploy, they don’t have to maintain it, so their costs are down. All they need is an internet connection and a web browser, and we will do the rest.

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