Insert Video into Powerpoint


An Extra Layer of Protection

With the PowerPoint add-in, video can be hosted in the movingimage EVP with all of its enterprise-level security features. Unlike a similar add-in for YouTube, which gives the YouTube platform the rights to your videos, movingimage’s enterprise platform ensures that the video owner retains all rights and protections. For those companies that require an extra layer of protection, videos can specifically be hosted in Microsoft Azure European data centers that are subject to European data protection regulations.

Learn more about the first SaaS video add-in for Microsoft and get your message across faster. Why say it with words, when you can say it with video.


Incorporate Secure Video into Microsoft Office

Do you want to turn your presentation into a Video? Learn how to insert a video into Powerpoint presentations, without missing the enterprise-level security features.  It is easier than you probably think.
Sebastian Picklum, Product Vision Owner and Christin Löhr, Chief Product Owner, explained in a webinar how the integration works. Watch the recording now and share it with your colleages. These groundbreaking add-in are set to reshape your digital workplace; for secure, faster and more cost efficient communication with a personal edge.