DMEXCO 2023: movingimage Masterclass

Strategic. Engaging. AI-Driven.

Video as the unbeatable medium for your business success.



As budget cuts hit business worldwide, “Generate more with less” became the new imperative for CMOs and Internal Communication Managers. Does it sound familiar to you?


There is one way to do it: leveraging the only medium, which is strategic, ubiquitous, and smart – thanks to the latest AI developments. This medium is VIDEO.


In the last ten years, video evolved from being a trend into a must-have for successful organizations. In this masterclass you will learn how a well-established video strategy drives customer and employee engagement, generates pipeline,and finally increases the ROI of your business.

In this masterclass, dr. Ingo Hofacker (CEO) and Gina Neumann (Head of Marketing & Growth) will show you how we helped other companies like yours to solve these challenges and deliver a positive impact to their digital transformation.