Auszeichnung mit dem “Global Award for Growth Excellence Leadership”

Blog Post
Based on its recent analysis of the Enterprise Video Platforms (EVP) market, Frost & Sullivan recognizes movingimage with the 2018 Global Award for Growth Excellence Leadership. movingimage has demonstrated a 100% Compound Annual Growth Rate in comparison with the EVP industry’s overall rate since it was founded in 2009.

movingimage is the only European EVP vendor among US-based competitors and is leading the global market for Enterprise Video.

movingimage’s mission is to provide every international company worldwide with a „Youtube for Enterprise,“ which addresses enterprise-specific demands, such as GDPR-compliance, top security, and maximum scalability. Its product, an end-to-end Enterprise Video Platform, covers all enterprise use cases, including corporate learning, live streaming, support & maintenance, and social intranet, to name a few. It also spans quality and security-sensitive verticals, such as Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, Finance, and Automotive. movingimage’s exceptional performance, as recognized by Frost & Sullivan, demonstrates the company’s ability to establish and implement trends within the EVP market.

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