Stream Corporate Town Halls

Corporate town halls are an essential tool for effective communication across all verticals, which could be used to create a stronger communication culture, foster transparency and build trust and engagement. The movingimage webcast solution enables you to easily manage live event streaming, including CEO announcements and town halls meetings.

Secure Webcast Solution

The movingimage secure video platform provides you with a flexible, customizable solution with maximum security and reliability, allowing you to create and deliver webcast presentations, stream town hall events live or on-demand anywhere, on any device. It includes an added security layer via customization features and security settings to suit your needs.

movingimage webcast solution for corporate townhalls
Secure, Customized, Scalable

Your Benefits

  • Reliable delivery on all devices
  • Unlimited amount of participants and remote collaborators
  • Scalable regardless of location and network
  • Secure communication
  • Interactive features such as chapters, slide synchronization & chats
Screenshot Webcast

Key Features

  • Stream and playback on all mobile and desktop devices worldwide.
  • High scalable delivery regardless of location and network
  • Scalable content distribution: Flash-free streaming, real-time output in HTML5
  • Extensive security features: Fine-grained rights/roles, Single-Sign-On authentication, SSL
  • Customizable design to adapt the webcast to your CI
  • Comprehensive metrics (attendee statistics, views, geolocation, etc.)
  • Interactive features (chapter function, summary downloads, slide synchronization, chats, and Q&As.)