Picture Azure Cloud and movingimage

movingimage Secure EVP

A secure EVP (Enterprise Video Platform) is a sophisticated video platform, designed to meet the highest data protection standards. movingimage EVP allows you to maintain full control over your videos with enterprise-level security features, from SSL encryption to IP-range protection. Download our free white paper to learn more about it:

Video Security: Picture Azure Cloud & movingimage

Data Protection and Storage

The widespread use of video and streaming has given rise to increasing challenges for organizations, particularly the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and secure storage. The global distribution of videos across departments and countries places high demands not only on IT infrastructure but also for compliance, as videos often contain sensitive personal or corporate information.

Video Security in 5 Easy Steps

With an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure, individual compliance requirements are no longer a show-stopper. movingimage secure EVP offers a wide range of easy tailored advanced security options to meet your organization’s specific needs.

movingimage and security certificates
movingimage Secure EVP

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