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Secure Video Assets

Data Protection and Storage

The widespread use of video and streaming has given rise to increasing challenges for organizations, particularly with respect to data protection and secure storage. The global distribution of videos across departments and countries places high demands not only on IT infrastructure but also for compliance, as videos often contain sensitive personal or corporate information. Companies need a secure EVP.The security of your video assets and data is at the forefront of every movingimage solution and service. With an enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure based on Microsoft Azure, individual compliance requirements are no longer a show-stopper.
The movingimage secure EVP offers a wide range of easy tailored advanced security options to meet your organization’s specific needs. With a network of certified data centers and Content Delivery Networks (CDN) performance is guaranteed. Comprehensive security policies ensure safe storage. Securely stream videos anywhere in the world, in the highest quality.

Master Video Security in 5 easy Steps

Organizations increasingly depend on video content for internal and external communications, from town hall event streaming and executive communication to knowledge sharing and marketing. This extensive video usage in the enterprise creates new challenges for data protection, privacy and security, including protection from unauthorized access, secure authentication, the prevention of illegal editing, compliance with internal regulations and compliance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Video-sharing solutions like YouTube and other social media networks, or even document sharing platforms like Dropbox, are publicly accessible seem easy to use, but are you sure these comsumer-grade solutions are where you want store and manage all of your corporate content? Trust the specialists and check our privacy guidelines for enterprise videos. You will find the main security questions that companies should ask when selecting a video platform. Better safe than sorry!

movingimage and security certificates
movingimage Secure EVP

Key Facts

  • ISO 27001 certified data centers
  • Storage on German & European Microsoft Azure servers
  • SaaS-based for high-performance global streaming
  • Data protection complicance according to the EU-GDPR
  • Data Processing Agreements (DPA)
  • Extensive security options such as SSL encryption, Geo-blocking and token authentication
  • One solution: consolidate all your video assets under one flexible technology platform
  • Future-proof: movingimage offers an advanced and adaptable system that will evolve with your company over time
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