Ramp Video Integration

Use our Ramp eCDN integration to alleviate bandwidth woes and empower buffer-free, reliable video delivery.
movingimage’s Ramp eCDN integration eliminates video-associated bottlenecks behind your company’s firewall, allowing you to stream and share video content across the enterprise network.
Video Bottlenecks

How to Eliminate Video Bottlenecks

The growing use of video in the enterprise is a challenge for IT departments. They must integrate the video medium into existing IT infrastructures. The best way for them to master this task is with an Enterprise Video Platform. Read our blog post to learn more.

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About Ramp

Ramp’s enterprise content delivery network provides simple and secure multicasting and advanced caching software to optimize video traffic behind the firewall. The result is high-quality, stable transmissions from virtually any video source without expensive network upgrades or proprietary infrastructures and custom video players.

Out-Of-The-Box Plugins for Seamless Video Integration
Unlock video capabilities in 50+ business applications.