Microsoft SharePoint Video Integration

Use our SharePoint connector to incorporate your company videos within SharePoint sites, Wikis, and discussion threads.
movingimage’s SharePoint video integration extends the application’s video management capabilities, allowing you to manage, share, and stream video content from within SharePoint.
Video Sharepoint

About the SharePoint Connector

Anyone who ever tried to embed a video into SharePoint is familiar with the cumbersome process of switching back and forth between applications. These days are over thanks to the easy-to-install, intuitive SharePoint connector that powers SharePoint with advanced video management capabilities.

Stream Video Sharepoint

How to Stream Video on SharePoint Websites

movingimage aims to transform SharePoint into an enhanced platform with powerful video competencies which can fulfill business use cases to the greatest extent.

Out-Of-The-Box Plugins for Seamless Video Integration
Unlock video capabilities in 50+ business applications.