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Why a SharePoint Connector

Anyone who ever tried to embed a video into SharePoint is familiar with the cumbersome process of switching back and forth between applications. These days are over thanks to the easy-to-install, intuitive SharePoint connector that powers SharePoint with advanced video management capabilities.

Better SharePoint Video Experience

The new SharePoint Connector enables you to seamlessly integrate, manage, share and stream video within SharePoint sites, Wikis and discussions. You can also use the movingimage Outlook and PowerPoint Connectors to support secure creation and sharing of videos.

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From Intranet to Digital Workplace

The combination of SharePoint and the movingimage Secure Enterprise Video Platform (EVP) provides you with the perfect enterprise video setup. Access your content through internal and external authentication mechanisms, such as SAML, to allow fine-grained rights management.

Rainer and Katrin Webinar on laptop screen

movingimage SharePoint Connector Webinar

How to use the SharePoint connector? What does it look like? What are its capabilities? Watch the movingimage SharePoint webinar and find out.