pirobase Video Integration

Use our pirobase integration to seamlessly integrate videos into Pirobase CMS and deliver them in high quality across devices.

movingimage’s pirobase video integration makes it easy to use video content in pirobase CMS and guarantee reliable output on your website.
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pirobase video integration

About pirobase Video Integration

pirobase video integration allows you to

  • Incorporate videos from pirobase’s media library directly into your website’s content
  • Manage video content within pirobase CMS
  • Deliver high-quality video content to users across devices
Pirobase video integration

About pirobase Imperia GmbH

pirobase imperia is a software manufacturer founded in Cologne in 1995 with over 80 employees. The company’s focus is on product experience management and content management. It offers efficient and innovative products for medium-sized and large companies as well as public administrations, institutions, and associations and supports them with IT know-how, competent service, and an agile way of working.

Out-Of-The-Box Plugins for Seamless Video Integration
Unlock video capabilities in 50+ business applications.