Graphic: All delivery options CDN and eCDN

Why eCDN

Using eCDN helps you to improve video playback performance by reducing latency and buffering time. It also minimizes the amount of bandwidth required for delivering rich media content across the enterprise network.

Hive Integration

Create a cost-efficient and easy-to-implement video distribution network for live and on-demand streaming with the Hive integration.  Hive Streaming is a simple and powerful solution for enterprise video distribution. Hive uses the viewer’s device as a distribution node, thus creating effective access to high-quality videos, regardless of location or network strength. Adaptive bitrate streaming ensures smooth delivery of any content you produce.

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Intranet Video Webinar

The modern company intranet has evolved from a place where to consume information to a space to share it. Join our webinar to discover our newest webcast technology with Peer-to-Peer based Video Distribution. We will show you how to create a cost-efficient, easy-to-implement video distribution network for live streaming regardless of location or network strength.

Hive Streaming

Hive offers software-based content distribution solutions for high-quality live and on-demand streaming. Founded in 2007, Hive emerged out of the Swedish Institute for Computer Science and the Royal Institute of Technology.  As a market leader, Hive Streaming invests in research and development, enabling them to offer their customers the most innovative and efficient technological solutions available today.