CELUM DAM Connector

Centrally manage and publish time-controlled files in different channels and at ease. The movingimage CELUM DAM Connector is a content orchestration component integrated seamlessly into the CELUM DAM solution. The connector allows you to simplify access to the movingimage platform and ensure that the distribution of files, along with their respective metadata— such as video URL and embed codes visible to users— is mapped directly into selected channels.

DAM Meets Video Webinar

Listen to our webinar and explore how the CELUM Connector can: 1. enable content & content-sharing across multiple distribution channels 2. centrally manage and publish files with time-controlled releases 3. access to the movingimage Platform via an interface 4. ensure that the distribution of files, along with their metadata, is mapped directly into selected channels.


CELUM is the world’s leading developer of Marketing Technology Software for Enterprise Digital Asset Management (DAM). Their focus lies in how to store, organize and locate content, making it available across multiple distribution channels – print, web, social media. CELUM is a central content hub integrating data into CRM, PIM or web content management systems and orchestrating such assets into a variety of channels.


Celum Video Integration