movingimage graphic integrations with SharePoint, Staffbase, and Jive

SharePoint, Jive, and Staffbase Integrations

Connect the EVP to your social intranet or collaboration platform (SharePoint, Jive or Staffbase ) to boost employee engagement with video communication.  

movingimage graphic integrations with PowerPoint and Outlook

Microsoft Outlook & PowerPoint Integration

Create screencasts or videos using a webcam, then publish and share them via Microsoft Outlook, or seamlessly integrate them into Microsoft PowerPoint without saving the videos on your hard drive.

movingimage graphic integrations with Ramp and Hive

eCDN – Enterprise Streaming Integration

Optimize live and on-demand streaming with our integrated Enterprise Content Delivery Network (eCDN). Relieve bottlenecks and enable internal and external audiences to stream video securely.

movingimage graphic integrations with TYPO2, imperia CMS, Magnolia, Adobe, and more

Web Content Management Integration

Run your own video portal by connecting the movingimage EVP with your Content Management System (CMS). Our robust CMS integration facilitates easy customization and process automation.

movingimage graphic integrations with moovit

MoovIT Integration

Customize your product and training videos for specific markets with MoovIT’s flexible, web-based localization and personalization tools to expand your corporate grasp.
movingimage graphic integrations with Cumulus and Celum

Digital Asset Management Integration

Access and manage your digital assets anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Digital asset management helps your organization simplify video production, storage, and distribution processes.

movingimage graphic integrations with MixerFactory

MixerFactory Integration

Edit various features in MixerFactory’s market-leading, cloud-video-editing platform. The platform can be integrated into any application and offers a wide range of editing features; all are implemented and rendered directly in your browser.
Plugins and integrations: Moodle

Moodle Plugin

Support various eLearning activities with interactive videos! Our easy-to-install, easy-to-use Moodle plugin  allows users to access movingimage videos and incorporate them into Moodle LMS.