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What's CorporateTube

As its name suggests, CorporateTube is a corporate, YouTube-like video channel that allows employees to access an entire video content management platform through one single point of entry. CorporateTube empowers colleagues to share videos with one another, promote team spirit, and maintain a healthy and productive exchange of ideas between departments.

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CorporateTube Webinar

In our 30-minute webinar, we will show you how to create and use your company’s CorporateTube and why its access control is a critical security measure for any corporate communication.

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The webinar covers:

CorporateTube Implementation
How to implement CorporateTube into your existing network and applications.
Why CorporateTube
How a central video hub simplifies enterprise video communication.
Corporate Security
How to increase employee engagement while maintaining content security policies.
CorporateTube Demo
A CorporateTube live demo