Video Subtitles & Artificial Intelligence

On-Demand Webinar
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movingimage Advanced Subtitles Feature

Subtitles are a powerful video addition and, from now on, also easier than ever to create! movingimage advanced subtitles feature is a useful enhancement through which you can upload, edit and create captions from scratch.

webinar on subtitles from movingimage

Advanced Subtitles Webinar

In our 30-minute webinar, we will delve into video captioning techniques, benefits of using captions in videos, and how Artificial Intelligence (AI) speeds up and enhances the captioning process.

movingimage advanced subtitles screenshot and advantages

The webinar covers:

Why Captioning
The advantages of adding subtitles to videos
AI-powered captioning
How can you use Artificial Intelligence to create subtitles
Live Demo
How to create AI subtitles live demo
Expert tips
Some subtitle creation pro tips from our AI expert, Christin