logistics video

Enterprise Video Platform for Logistics Companies

Read our case study to learn how one logistics giant uses movingimage’s Enterprise Video Platform to bolster an end-to-end communication strategy.

meeting video

4 Types of Videos for Investor Relations

Video is perhaps the most versatile and powerful digital communication medium of all. In the following blog post we will uncover four different ways in which video can boost your Investor Relations communication.

Video trends 2019

2019 B2B Video Trends

From AI to GDPR: Read our B2B video forecast and find out which prominent B2B video trends we believe will take the lead in 2019.

movingimage enables to share videos on SharePoint

The New SharePoint Connector

movingimage’s new SharePoint connector enhances any video performance on SharePoint websites. Read our blog post to learn more about it.

movingimage video platform infographic

Infographic: Enterprise Video Industry

Did you know that you can attract two to three times more visitors to your website simply by incorporating videos into it? Download our infographic and discover some more surprising facts about the state of the enterprise video industry.

movingimage mobile video

Why Use Video Onboarding

In the last couple of years, video has increasingly become an integral part of the onboarding process. Read our last blog post, where we explain how to use video to improve retention and engagement rates across the enterprise.

Artificial Intelligence and video technology

How AI Will Change Everything We Know About Videos

movingimage is taking an active interest in Artificial Intelligence (AI) in conjunction with video technology. Find out which innovative AI features will soon change the Enterprise Video world for good:

movingimage complies with GDPR!

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force on May 25th, 2018. Find out which processes were implemented by movingimage to qualify as a GDPR-compliant EVP.

Essential Checklist for Enterprise Video Security

Companies need to ensure their video platform addresses legal as well as security and data protection requirements (such as the European GDPR). See our essential checklist for enterprise video.

Boost the Effectiveness of eLearning

In this HR.com “Training and Development Excellence Essentials” article Natalia Kermode, Managing Director of Sales Americas, movingimage explains how companies can better manage video to boost learning.

Do's and Don'ts for Storytelling

Companies that want to use video storytelling to its fullest potential should pay attention to these 5 key rules for successful storytelling with video (plus 3 more tips for publishing).

Integrate Video and Avoid Bottlenecks

The growing use of video in the enterprise is a challenge for IT departments who must integrate the medium into existing IT infrastructures. The best way for them to master this task is with an EVP.

Video will be the new Text

More than 250 international female IT pros met at the Ada Lovelace Festival where our Christin Löhr was interviewed about how video, computer vision and other trends are changing the way we communicate.

What Computers Actually See

What exactly is computer vision and how does it influence the way we communicate with each other? Christin Löhr spoke about computer vision and video trends at the Ada Lovelace Festival.