movingimage AI Video Features

A host of AI features can be used to streamline and facilitate your video workflows. They can be divided into three video categories that correspond with the three main stages of video: creation, management, and distribution.

Creation Stage

The creation stage of a video refers to all processes leading up to its ingestion and encoding. A few AI features that can be used for this stage are:

  • Auto-Editing
  • Perfect thumbnail feature
AI face recognition example

Management Stage

The management stage of a video refers to the classification process, which allows users to easily find video content. A few AI features that can be used for this stage are:

  • Enhanced search
  • Video summary
  • Video description
AI video delivery stage

Distribution Stage

The distribution stage refers to the final phase of the video cycle. By this point, the video has been created, ingested, and is ready to be shared with the world. A few AI features that can be used for this stage are:

movingimage: an AI-video pioneer

movingimage's AI department is dedicated to developing and incorporating the newest, most advanced AI features into its Enterprise Video Platform. Watch our webinar to learn more about video-AI features.
AI features
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    Speech Recognition

    Used for AI Subtitles and audio metadata generation
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    Face Recognition

    Used for Enhanced Search and visual metadata generation
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    Object Recognition

    Used for Enhanced Search, visual metadata generation, and Auto Transcoding
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    Scene Detection

    Used for Auto-Editing, Perfect Thumbnail, and Auto Transcoding
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    User Behavior Analysis

    Used for personally-tailored Video Recommendations
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    Emotion Detection

    Used for the creation of the perfect Video Thumbnail