Graphic: All delivery options CDN and eCDN
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Between CDN and eCDN

While both CDN (Content Delivery Network) and eCDN (Enterprise Content delivery Network) are designed to deliver media at scale, a CDN is a service provided by a company that deploys a network of servers located in various data centers around the world, while an eCDN uses the organization’s own network to cache and distribute video content.


We partner with Akamai, the global leader in content delivery network services, to guarantee fast, secure and reliable end-to-end delivery of all your video content for excellent global performance.

Ramp AltitudeCDN

We’ve integrated our platform with Ramp’s AltitudeCDN to eliminate bottlenecks behind the company firewall and allow superb video streaming even when video demand is high.

Peer-to-Peer based Video Distribution

Hive Streaming is easy to set-up and manage. By using the viewer’s device as a distribution node, it delivers high-quality live and on-demand streaming regardless of location or network strength.