Kollective Integration

Use our Kollective eCDN integration to deliver live or on-demand enterprise video faster and at scale while balancing network load.
movingimage’s Kollective eCDN integration allows you to leverage your existing network infrastructure to automatically create and self-optimize a peer-to-peer network architecture.
Video Bottlenecks

How to Relieve Video Bottlenecks

The growing use of video in the enterprise is a challenge for IT departments. They must integrate the video medium into existing IT infrastructures. The best way for them to master this task is with an Enterprise Video Platform. Read our blog post to learn more.

About Kollektive

Kollective is a full-stack video solution that provides all the tools for your next-generation video ecosystem. Stream live video and video on demand (VOD) to the edge of your network without affecting bandwidth or interfering with other critical applications. Power an existing front-end application to broadcast video to tens of thousands of people worldwide simultaneously.

Integrieren Videos in deine bestehenden Systeme
Zahlreiche movingimage Integrationen erlauben es dir, Videofunktionalitäten in über 50 Unternehmensanwendungen einzubinden.