YouTube for the Enterprise

Get the most out of your videos with corporateTube—a next-level, company-wide video portal where employees can watch, upload, and share videos securely. The movingimage VPAAS (Video Platform As A Service) draws on Azure cloud services to provide your company with cutting-edge video capabilities at scale. How does it look like?

movingimage CorporateTube

Videofy All Business Applications

Unlock a world of corporate video applications from social intranet to corporate learning to town hall meetings recordings with one easy-to-use video portal. A powerful search engine provides filtering, sorting, and search options, making it easy to find content that is relevant for you.

Seamless IT Integration

Video takes your business to the next level. Integrating movingimage Enterprise Video Platform into your company’s IT landscape is easy, quick, and results in an end-to-end digital transformation!

CorporateTube Webinar

Always wanted your own YouTube-like enterprise video portal? Creating your own CorporateTube video portal has never been easier! Learn more about it in the following webinar: